Imagine! Your Child's Birthday Party at the
Baltimore Streetcar Museum
(P.S. We also do adult parties and gatherings.)

Our auditorium in our Visitor's Center.

You'll be a really "cool" parent if you book the Baltimore Streetcar Museum for your child's next birthday, Bar/Bat Mitzvah or graduation party. When you book the Museum, you will have use of our Visitor's Center facilities. Add you own ice cream, cake, munchies and gifts, and you'll be the talk of your child's friends and parents. (Please note that you are responsible for providing party food, favors and decorations.)

The most special part of your party is riding the streetcars. From our collection, we have cars that were built in two different centuries (1800's and 1900's) available for your enjoyment. As time permits, we take your guests on several rides into yesterday and give them an idea of what Light Rail used to be in Baltimore in the 1800's and 1900's. For groups of older children, we will be pleased to show them our collection during a Car House tour. They will see things like our 1859 horse car, our crane car and an electric bus, known as a trackless trolley. Let's take a ride on the Peter Witt Car.
The "Birthday Boy" helping the Dispatcher. Of course, there are plenty of photo opportunities for everyone! Don't forget, we even provide the necessary "costume" for your child's picture on that special day! We hope that you will consider the Baltimore Streetcar Museum for your child's party or ANY gathering for young and the young-at-heart alike! If you would like further information, here's how:

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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